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Our founder

Grace Brullote is F.I.R.E.'s founder, it was her dream, determination and hard work that got this wonderful project off the ground! Read more

Sit skiing

It's great fun and gives anybody access to the world of skiing. We have three sit skis ready and waiting for you to come and try! Get in touch to find out how to get involved.

Outrigger skiing

Outriggers are a great skiing aid for single leg amputees and people who have limited lower leg mobility, they can assist in many ways.

Visually impaired

There are a number of tools and techniques that allow people with visual impairment to get on the snow and have fun.

Come and ski with us, you will have the time of your life, we ski every Sunday. Book a session...

Reasons to ski with us!

  • Anyone can try
  • It's inspirational
  • It's empowering
  • It's fun!
  • It's great exercise
  • It's great value

Recent news

  • A New Sit Ski For FIRE! A New Sit Ski For FIRE!
    The newest member of our sit ski fleet arrived today! Welcome Justin! A huge thank you to Columbia Basin Trust and everyone who donated to the Justin Hauser Memorial for our new...
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  • A Closing Letter: FIRE Season 4! A Closing Letter: FIRE Season 4!
    Hello there FIRE enthusiasts! I feel very proud in saying that FIRE Adaptive Snow Program has completed its fourth year of operation. My goodness, what a season it was! Contributing to our...
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