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About FIRE

FIRE’s Mission Statement: 

  • To provide accessible and affordable adaptive ski and snowboard lessons to all
  • To give an enjoyable, life changing experience to both students and volunteers
  • Expose volunteer instructors to training opportunities and progress them in their CADS certification
  • To provide our students with the most up to date adaptive equipment to support their needs
  • To have a safe skiing and snowboarding environment
  • To build an organic and friendly organization for all participants
  • To see the ability!

About FIRE: 

FIRE Adaptive Snow Program is an organization, which allows individuals with all kinds of differing abilities the opportunity to enjoy snow sports at Fernie Alpine Resort. With the support of our certified volunteer instructors, our mission is to give our students the freedom to ski and snowboard in the winter season. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, including Highline 100 and Fernie Alpine Resort, we are able to provide our amazing services for as little as $20 per lesson, making our program easily accessible to all. Whether our students are stand-up skiers/snowboarders or sit skiers, we are prepared to “see the ability” and adapt to their needs.

What to Expect:

Before we go skiing/snowboarding, we need to make sure you are well prepared and have the right equipment to suit your needs.  All participants are required to have warm clothes, a helmet and goggles. Depending on your abilities will depend on what ski equipment you will need.  The instructor and student will determine what ski equipment suits their students abilities to ensure a fun and safe ski day. Some of the equipment you might see or use are outriggers, Sit ski or tethers. 

Abilities and type of skiing/snowboarding:

Please keep in mind, everyone is different and you may not feel comfortable skiing with 2 ski’s and 2 poles and want to sit ski, this is OK! We will find what works best for you to get you on the slopes!

There are many ways to get down the hill, our job is to find the most safe and fun way for you!  Discussion with the organizer and instructor will help.  The drop down lists below show the types of students we can take skiing.



Glossary of terms