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FIRE Griz Days Float 2015! Two Time First Place Winners!

Our first place winning float! We would like to thank Fernie Rentals for donating a trailer to us for the parade, and also for letting us invade your shop to decorate. Thank you Janice for organizing all of the decorating for the parade, and for painting our beautiful sign. Thank you to Dave for bringing down our equipment from the ski hill. Thank you to our decorating committee, Jared, Dominique, Michaela, Collin, Peter, Kaliegh, and Janice. Thank you to Andy and Carol for spending half an hour trying to get the trailer out of the garage, and for driving truck in the parade. Thank you to those who came early to assemble the float, Jennifer, Clotilde, Jared, Stephanie, Janice, Michaela, Dominique, and Shannon. Thank you to our instructors and students who participated in the parade. AND, thank you to those who stayed to take down the float, Andy, Carol, Stephanie, Michaela, and Janice. Awesome job everyone!



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