Hi all! Here’s a picture from FIRE’s fourth Griz Days Parade float! We got second place this year!
First of all, we’d like to thank Duncan from Fernie Rentals for donating a trailer, and Telus for letting us use their bays for decorating and storing the float! Thank you to Stephanie for coming up with the design of the float, and for creating our beautiful FIRE signs! Brent, Emma, and Jennifer made the airplanes and flags to match the theme, and they were amazing!!! A huge thank you to Ray, Phyllis, Alina, Scott, Tracy, Wesley, Janice, Julie, Claire, and Dave for setting up the float! Andy was our very skilled driver for the second time in a row, and none of us fell off, which means he did an amazing job! Thank you to Tracy and Scott with Freaky Frog Sounds for setting up some tunes for us to rock out to! We all hate Chariots of Fire now… To the students and instructors who rode on the float, you are superstars! And last but not least, thank you to Dave, Julie, Janice, Alina, Tracy, Wesley, Phyllis, and Ray for staying to take everything down! What a team! Well done everyone!




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