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Tiaga has a great day


December 2013

Hello Grace,
ln February of this year, my nephew (Taiga – the “poster boy” in the blue snowsuit on the
chairlift on your website!) and his family were skiing with you. The joy that the adaptive ski program
brought to him is obvious by the enormous grin on his face and that has meant so much to his family –
immediate and extended.
Part of our family’s Christmas celebration involves charitable donations. The children have got their
favourites and I know that this is a program near and dear to Taiga’s heart! As his aunt and a newly
retired teacher, any program that provides ALL children with the opportunity to play and experience the
same things their peers do is a very worthy cause.
On Taiga’s behalf, I would ask you to accept this donation to help another child experience your
wonderful program. I hope someday I will be able to visit and see it in action and I know Taiga hopes he
will be able to skiagain soon!
Thank you for all you do,

Sit ski on chair lift

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