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Volunteer Instructor Information

Volunteer Instructor Information

“Being an instructor with Fernie Adaptive isn’t just about teaching skiing or snowboarding. You see, most of our students come to our program with a wall in front of them. That wall says, “You can’t do this. It’s impossible.” Our instructors “karate kick” that wall into a million pieces, and show our students that anything is possible. As an instructor, you get to be transformed. You get to become something so much more. You become a real life superhero to your student. And who wouldn’t want to be that? ” ~ Grace Brulotte (President of FIRE) 

General information about Program

• For individuals who have cognitive disabilities, developmental delays, or physical disabilities
• We provide many different ways of adapting skiing and snowboarding to suit the needs of the students
• We supply our students with one-on-one, fully trained, instructors who support the students either fully or partially while on the mountain
• The program runs every Sunday from 9-11am or 1-3pm
• Our program starts in the third week January and runs for approximately 12 weeks. Private lessons are also available during the week by request

• Because of our amazing sponsors, we are able to provide this wonderful program at a very low cost so that everyone can participate

Volunteer Instructor Information

Who can instruct?

• Mainly skiers – instructor training course requires volunteers to be on ski’s for the course
• We do accept snowboarders – if you are a snowboarder and are comfortable being on ski’s for the course and possibly for a few times throughout the program, you can still be a volunteer instructor
• If you are strictly a snowboarder you can still be a volunteer instructor, but you will not be able to teach sit skiing

CSIA/CASI Training (Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance/ Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors)

• In order to take the instructor training course for our program, we require that you have either CSIA or CASI training
• Methodology from these courses will be used in our instructor training course
If you do not already have this, we provide a six hour overview of the CSIA course one week prior to our instructor training course
• This six hour overview course is provided at no extra costIMG_1162

CADS (Canadian Adaptive Snowsports) Level 1 Instructor Training Course

• This course will certify you to ski with disabled individuals
• You are required to take this course in order to be an instructor
• The course is over a three day period
• Course covers skiing with mentally handicapped individuals, blind skiers, amputee’s, and sit skiers, as well as getting familiar with adaptive equipment
• Registration forms need to be filled out by volunteers at least three weeks before the course
• Course costs $50, refund will be provided after instructors volunteer at least six Sundays with our program
• We can only train 16 instructors per course, so if this course is full and we have more volunteers interested, we will most likely run a second course later in the season

CADS Memberships

• We require our instructors to be members with CADS
• The CADS membership provides liability insurance for our instructors who are skiing with our students. CADS memberships protect our instructors against lawsuits, they do not act as accident/injury insurance.
• A CADS membership is beneficial because every ski hill with an adaptive program offers a discount of up to (or possibly over) 50% off lift tickets. The discount varies from different ski hills.
• The CADS membership costs $40, which cannot be refunded by our society


• Our instructors are required to sign a contract which states that after volunteering six Sundays with the program we will refund the $50 CADS course fee, as well as an agreement that instructors will act professionally (respond to emails, inform us if a Sunday must be missed, etc)
• Contract will be signed either before or after CADS level 1 course


• If instructors are not planning on purchasing a season’s pass, we will provide a complementary afternoon pass for the Sunday volunteered
• If ski rentals are required for instructors (if you’ve switched from snowboarding to skiing, or if you need a different ski length) they will be provided at no cost for the Sunday volunteered

Before you decide…

• Can you attend the training sessions mentioned above?
• Are you comfortable with all the fees, and in agreement with Fernie Adaptive’s reimbursement policy?
• Are you willing to agree with Fernie Adaptive’s standards on professionalism, etc, outlined in the contract mentioned above?
• Are you able to commit to instructing with Fernie Adaptive for more than half of the season?
• Are you comfortable with teaching students of all ages with a variety of different abilities?
• Are you wanting a fun and fulfilling way to spend the winter season!?

Thank you for showing interest, and we hope you will join our team!